British Government set to outline plans for protocol change

The British Government is expected to outline plans to change the Northern Ireland Protocol later today.

Yesterday, Boris Johnson reiterated threats to break the trading agreement with the EU, as it’s causing a political stalemate in the north.

The DUP’s refusing to enter a power-sharing agreement until an effective trading border in the Irish Sea is removed.

Sinn Fein President Mary Lou McDonald says the unionists – along with Boris Johnson – are being unfair by not pushing for an executive to be established.

Johnson though says he’s appealed to all parties to work together to serve the people of Northern Ireland.

“You need leadership and you need government so you bet I said to the DUP, in particular, we want to see you back in the executive we want to see you nominating we want to see a speaker in the assembly.

“Now the issue they have is that they object to the operation of the of the protocol, we don’t want to scrap it, but we think it can be fixed.

“And actually, five of the five parties I talked to today also think it needs reform.”


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