British Government to publish plans to scrap parts of protocol

The British government will publish its plans to scrap parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol in Parliament today.

It claims the legislation will not break international law, but Sinn Fein says it’s set to make a ‘dangerous attack’ on the Good Friday Agreement.

Fine Gael’s European Affairs spokesperson Neale Richmond says the Irish Government is ‘extremely concerned’ and it will be a breach of international law.

He says the proposal will undermine the Protocol.

“This afternoon about 3.30 the Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will address the House of Commons and outline what we believe is the British proposal to, to be honest, undermine the protocol.

“It will allow British ministers to unilaterally to remove customs checks between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and it would also potentially remove the oversight of the European Court of Justice in Northern Ireland – of course the European Court of Justice is needed to maintain the rules of the single market.”


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