‘Burp Tax’ announced for farmers in New Zealand

Cow and sheep farmers in New Zealand are set to pay a new tax on emissions from their herds.

The so-called ‘burp tax’ will see farmers there become the first in the world to pay for greenhouse gases caused by livestock.

The plan was worked out by government and farming representatives and will see a 5% tax imposed from 2025.

Climate scientist, Peter Thorne, says the joint venture is an innovative way to help resolve the climate crisis and sustain a living for those working the land:

“It’s encouraging that farmers are recognizing, and have long recognized that they are the custodians of this land and they are leaving it to future generations. So, we do need to work together to come up with innovative solutions. We need to protect our rural economy and our farmers and work together to try and come up with solutions that solve this challenge and provide a livelihood to the farming community.”


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