Cabinet has given the go-ahead to an extra Bank Holiday on March 18th this year

It will move to St Brigid’s Day from 2023.

At its meeting this morning ministers confirmed a four day bank holiday weekend around St. Patrick’s Day.

The 18th of March will be an extra bank holiday this year as a pandemic bonus.

The extra days will be kept in 2023 but will move to fall around St. Bridget’s Day.

State Minister has also confirmed a pandemic bonus for healthcare workers.

They’ll be given a tax free 1000 Euro bonus but only if they worked in COVID exposed clinical settings during the pandemic.

Already opposition parties have called for that definition to be expanded, including people before profits Paul Murphy:

“You’re going to give a bonus to workers that should cover all frontline workers. All workers are on the frontline during COVID. And I do also think it’s worth asking the question about student nurses and do they fall into that category because they clearly were on the frontline of health care. But strictly speaking, were nurses were students brought it on workers.”

It comes as the Dail resumes today for the first time this year with the issue of violence against women expected to dominate the agenda.


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