Cabinet meeting on carbon emission cuts finishes without agreement

The last scheduled Cabinet meeting of the summer has finished without an agreement on carbon emission ceilings.

Talks are expected to continue today in an effort to reach a deal on how much the agriculture sector will have to do.

The range for agriculture cuts currently stands at 22% to 30%, with a landing zone being between 24% and 26%.

Political pressure is mounting during the discussions, with the Green Party wanting as big of a reduction as possible.

Minister Eamon Ryan says action is needed and he hopes a deal can be agreed today.

However, other Government members are convinced it will take all week to come to a decision.

Fianna Fáil TD Barry Cowen is one of a number who think the talks should be paused

The fear in some Government circles there is kicking the item out to September would lead to more than a month of more divisive debate, with all the core problems still waiting for them on the other side.


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