Cabinet Minister Says ‘Recognition’ That Turf-Burning Is ‘Sensitive Issue’ In Rural Ireland Is Needed

A cabinet minister says there must be a ‘recognition’ that turf-burning is a ‘sensitive issue’ in rural Ireland.

Simon Coveney’s comments come as two other ministers are on a collision course over the issue.

Environment Minister Eamon Ryan has repeatedly insisted a ban on the sale and distribution is coming in September, but Leo Varadkar says nothing’s been agreed.

Minister Coveney says it’s a very emotional issue for some, and that must be respected:

“First of all, I think there needs to be a recognition that the cutting of turf and the burning of turf is a very sensitive issue. We have to be cognisant of that, when we’re proposing dramatic policy change. It’s also true though that peat is a is a dirty fuel and we are trying to respond to the challenges of climate change and emission”.


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