Cabinet set to approve moratorium on winter evictions

Cabinet is expected to approve a moratorium on evictions for the winter months.

It will mean no new notices to quit can be issued until the end of March after legislation passes the Oireachtas.

Legislation has been drafted by the Department of Housing, but is expected to take a number of weeks to pass the Oireachtas – with one source in the Department eyeing November 1st as an optimistic implementation date.

It will mean no tenant can be evicted between the commencement of the law and the end of March.

There will be exceptions for those wilfully not paying rent, those who damage a property or those engaging in criminal behaviour.

Those who have already been issued with a notice to quit can’t be evicted if their mandatory notice period ends after the new legislation is enacted.

If passed it would mean for tenants being issued notices to quit this week, the absolute earliest they could have to leave the property would be the start of July 2023.

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