Cabinet Sub Committee on Covid-19 to meet this evening

The Cabinet Sub Committee on Covid-19 will meet this evening to consider further actions aimed at addressing rising infection rates.

The wider use of covid certs, antigen tests and a recommendation for people work from home where possible are among the measures set to be discussed.

A full Cabinet meeting will then be held tomorrow to approve any changes.

It comes as a further 3,805 cases were confirmed yesterday, while 596 covid patients were in hospital last night, and 106 are in ICU.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin says reopening has clearly caused greater spread of the disease.

“We have reopened society, the economy has bounced back. Those are the positives, in terms of thousands and thousands of people coming back to work, enterprises that might have thought they didn’t have a future are back up and running.

“But it is having an impact in terms of the Delta variant being so transmissible, its having an impact on hospitalisation on our health service, as it is across Europe and across the world so we have two be very mindful of that.

“And we can never rule out having to take measures to reduce that impact.”

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