Cabinet to discuss EU/UK trade deal

The cabinet will meet today to discuss the post Brexit trade deal struck between the EU and the UK.

It was due to be held tomorrow but has been brought forward.

Separately a meeting of the European Parliament’s political leaders will take place this morning to discuss the deal.

The EU-UK trade agreement needs the approval of the EU’s 27 member states and the European Parliament.

Fianna Fail’s Barry Andrews says he’s in favour of the agreement.

“It is a consent procedure – so essentially we can only say yes or no.

“I certainly will be voting for it, because the alternative no deal is unthinkable.

“From what I’m reading in terms of statements that have been made, it’s clear that the main political parties in the European Parliament look like they’re inclined to back the deal.

“So it looks like there’s only a small chance of any difficulties arising with ratification in the European Parliament in that time frame.”

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