CAI Warns Homeowners About Bogus Tradesmen Offering Outdoor Services Common

The Consumer Association is warning homeowners about bogus tradesmen offering outdoor services – such as fixing gutters – and surfacing driveways.

It’s after the latest crime statistics show, the number of reports, being made to Gardaí, about bogus tradesmen, was up 81 per cent on last year.

Policy and council advisor with the CAI, Dermott Jewell is reminding homeowners not to engage with door-to-door tradespeople:

“It’s not to say that they are all bad or they are all a problem, but you’ve got to always be careful. Simply advise them that you never allow anybody to sell anything to you on the doorstep. And if they want to contact you, give you their details, and you will call them and end it at that point”.


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