Call for an end to maternity hospital restrictions

A Cork campaigner says partner restrictions remain in operation across all maternity hospitals around the country including Cork University Maternity Hospital.

The #BetterMaternityCare Campaign is to mount a protest outside Dáil Éireann next month as they call for an end to these restrictions which they say are having a devastating impact on pregnant women.

Campaigner Linda Kelly says they have raised this issue for months and next month’s March for Maternity on October 6th is in response to the Health Minister’s inaction on the matter.

Last month, Cork University Maternity Hospital eased additional restrictions at the hospital, including allowing partners on the ward with the mother post-delivery for one hour and allowing unrestricted inpatient visiting from 3pm to 8pm each day for partners.

Speaking to RedFM News Linda says they are appealing to Minister Stephen Donnelly to directly intervene as she outlined how these restrictions are impacting pregnant women at CUMH.

“One of the most difficult restrictions that is still in place in CUMH is that they are still trying to stick to the ‘active labour’ definition – that you can only have your partner come into the hospital when you are in active labour. That’s very very difficult.

“The other big area where CUMH is not compliant with national guidelines is around the area of emergency presentation. So if you were going into the maternity A&E in CUMH your partner is asked to wait outside.

“We know that in Cork in particular that has had devastating outcomes on families.”

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