Call for Irish Rail to provide its own catering service

Irish Rail is hopeful that they will be able to restore catering on it’s trains shortly.

The on-board serving of food and drink was suspended early in the pandemic, but has never returned.

Irish Rail has repeatedly said that the resumption of the service could be some time away but they’re hopeful that a partial returning of catering services through a contracted supplier will be announced soon .

There has been a call for Irish Rail to provide its own catering service if it can’t find a suitable provider.

Sinn Fein TD Thomas Gould says it’s about time people can get fed while travelling by rail.

“I was on a train before Christmas that broke down, and it took me five hours to get to Dublin.

“When I was on that train you had elderly people, people with  families, and there wasn’t a bottle of water on the train.

“Listen it’s 2023, we need to offer better service and the people want it.”

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