Call for more antigen testing as Government and NPHET meet to discuss lifting of restrictions

The National Public Health Emergency Team will meet later to discuss its advice to the Government on the easing of further covid restrictions.

This Friday is meant to be our so called ‘Freedom Day’ with the lifting of the majority of pandemic rules.

However, covid cases have been rising.

Professor of Immunovirology at UCC , Liam Fanning, feels it’s embarrassing that Ireland isn’t using antigen testing more.

“There’s a paralysis going on there, I can’t understand it. Nobody can understand it.

“Nobody has come out and said ‘we’re not using them, or we’re not making them available’.

“We’ve spent €40bn+ on this Covid pandemic. A few tens of millions on providing on free antigen testing for every household in this country.

“Ship ten of them to every family every week for the rest of the winter.

“It will prevent onward transmission of this infection.”


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