Call for road users to take extra care as roads get busier

Gardaí are urging road users to take extra care as the roads get busier due to the easing of restrictions. 

There’s a concern some motorists may be rusty due to the prolonged restrictions. 

The volume of cars on the roads increased by as much as 26 per cent in some parts of the country after the 5km travel restriction was lifted. 

Chief Superintendent Ray McMahon is asking drivers to be alert to others on the road. 

“We appreciate that the vast majority of road users conduct themselves very responsibly.

“But any lapse of concentration can have serious results.

“We’re asking people to be aware of the possibility that pedestrians may walk off the pavement in front of them, the cyclist and the motorcyclist may have to undertake avoiding manoeuvres. 

“It’s about being vigilant, it’s about expecting the unexpected.”

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