Call for roadmap for the return of live performances

Despite indoor dining reopening today, live performances at hospitality venues aren’t allowed to return.

It’s been over 500 days since musicians and entertainers have been allowed to perform in pubs, hotels and restaurants.

The Music and Entertainment Association of Ireland, is calling for a clear roadmap for its members to return to work.

Matt Mc Granaghan from the MEAI says members feel they’ve been ignored by the government.

“That’s a feeling that’s right across the industry – completely disregarded, completely disposable, and just being ignored and no respect or regard given to the profession.

“We’ve been calling for a roadmap, we’ve been calling for guidelines to be ready.

“We know what the scenarios are going to be when a pub opens, when a theatre opens. We’ve been asking them for guidelines knowing exactly what those types of scenarios will be.”

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