Call to ban alcohol industry funded programmes from schools

The government needs to ban alcohol industry-funded programmes from Irish schools.

That’s the call from the Irish Community Action on Alcohol Network, which says such programmes are totally inappropriate.

Drinkaware has delivered its programme to 15,000 students to date, according to the network.

Paula Leonard from Alcohol Forum Ireland says the Department of Education sent a circular to all primary schools in 2016, indicating that industry-funded resouces should not be used.

She wants the same done at second-level.

“The HSE, the Department of Health, the Department of Education and even the Taoiseach has spoken out on this, that the policy position is very clear – that alcohol industry funded programmes should not be delivered in Irish schools.

“But the word I suppose there is ‘should’, in that it’s not advisable.

“What we’re now really calling on the Government on is to move from that passive policy position, to instructing schools.”



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