Calls for resolving of planning and safety issues to ensure preservation of Marina Market

Planning and safety issues need to be resolved so that the Marina Market can be preserved.

That’s according to a Cork City Councillor who says Cork City Council and owners of the market, CPR Properties, need to come up with a solution on how the market can continue.

It comes as CPR properties lodged an application to continue using the site as a market-food emporium and had planned to create a function space and coffee roasteries but Cork City Council rejected the application for various reasons such as it’s location near the Port of Cork Company being a safety issue and unregulated parking becoming an issue on Kennedy quay.

CPR Properties has four weeks to appeal the decision with An Bord Pleanála.

Speaking to RedFM News, Councillor Mick Finn says the public have been expressing their disappointment at the potential closure of the market:

“People are expressing disappointment and dismay I just been done. You know, there are always issues behind the scenes here that we don’t always necessarily know about. And I’m sure that this would not have been done lately by the constant. I mean, there are obviously genuine concerns about safety and about its location. So I think people need to factor that in as well. It’s not a simple decision and the council no just doesn’t go Don’t close it. Don’t think because you know, they don’t want them there. But I was you know that public safety is paramount and if anything ever went wrong in and around that area, you know, the constable will be the first to be blamed.”


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