Calls For Sporting Organisations And Associations To Tackle Abuse Of Sporting Figures

There have been calls for organisations and associations to tackle the abuse of sporting figures.

The topic came to the fore this week after outgoing Meath manager Andy McEntee was the subject of harmful messages.

After last summer’s Euro 2020 tournament, police in the UK received 600 reports of racist comments and judged about a third to be criminal.

Psychologist Mark Smyth, Clinical Lead for Rugby Players Ireland, says sports stars are constantly dealing with abuse:

“I think it’s pretty much a constant at the moment. I mean, many people especially watching on TV or listening on the radio, do so while also commenting on social media at the same time. And I think one of the things that we’ve learned about social media, particularly with anonymized accounts, is they feel emboldened to say whatever it is that they feel like saying”.


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