Calls On Government To Raise Issue At United Nations Of US Cluster Bombs Being Sent To Ukraine

The government is being called on to raise the issue of cluster bombs being sent to Ukraine, at the United Nations.

It follows the decision by the US to include them in the latest weapons package announced in support of Ukraine.

The move has raised concerns in many countries where they are banned.

Green Party MEP Ciaran Cuffe says they are known for inflicting significant casualties among civilians:

“Not just at the time that they are used, but sometimes even decades later. It’s just 15 years since the Irish Government signed into law a Cluster Munitions Act that banned their use or production in Ireland”.

Security and Defence Analyst Declan Power outlines why the US may have decided the deployment of the weapons are needed in the Ukraine conflict:

“The critical mass of people in the area that these weapon systems are now expected to be used would be military. And it’s indicative of the concern that America has for the Ukrainians’ ability to bring the fight to the Russians, to break through Russian lines, or indeed to defend themselves against these Russian wave onslaught attacks”.

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