Callum Robinson refuses vaccine despite contracting Covid twice

Callum Robinson says he’s refused a COVID-19 vaccine, despite contracting the virus twice.

The West Brom forward has missed eight of the last thirteen Republic of Ireland games for virus-related reasons.

Robinson was absent from last month’s World Cup qualifier in Portugal after contracting coronavirus for the second time.

He says it’s his personal choice not to be vaccinated.

“It’s your personal choice.

“My choice at this moment in time is I haven’t been vaccinated.

“I know there’s managers and people who will want you to do it, which is right in their way of what they think but everyone has their choice of what they want to do.

“I wouldn’t force it on people to do it or not, it’s your choice it’s your body.”

Ireland boss Stephen Kenny says there are others in the squad with the same stance.

Kenny also ruled out excluding players from selection who haven’t been vaccinated.

“I think it would be a quite radical viewpoint to say ‘right, whoever is not vaccinated is not being selected in the future.

“I’m not aware of any one who’s done that in any sport.

“So for me to just come and decide that would be extremely radical.”


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