Campaign launched to improve 226 bus service from Cork City to Kinsale

A campaign has been launched to improve the 226 bus service which serves Cork city to Kinsale.

Campaigners say the service has become overcrowded because of a merger with the 226a service from the city to the airport.

Huge pressure has been applied to the hourly service in recent weeks since the return of workers to the city and students to colleges.

Commuters have been complaining of finding themselves frequently abandoned by full or overbooked buses, standing largely in the rain for hours.

A public meeting to “Fix the 226” was held in Kinsale last night and heard of commuters having to endure intolerable conditions at the unsheltered, overcrowded and unsafe Clontarf street city stop.

Calls have also been made for a full double decker daily service to run from Kinsale to Cork from 7.30am, frequency to be increased to every 30 minutes and each stop on the 226 route needs a covered shelter.



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