Candle Light Vigil In Remembrance Of Ashling Murphy Takes Place At City Hall

A candle light vigil in remembrance of Ashling Murphy has taken place at City Hall.

Staff from the Covid vaccination centre, Council staff and the Lord Mayor attended the vigil on the steps of City Hall in the past hour to honour the 23 year old who died after being attacked in Tullamore on Wednesday.

The death of the young teacher has sent a shock wave through the country and more vigils will take place this evening and tomorrow including one on Patrick Street at 2pm.

Speaking to RedFM News, lead coordinator at the city Hall Vaccination Centre Noreen O’Leary says Ashling’s family are in everyone’s thoughts:

“Well, I think it’s a young girl going for a run. I have daughters that do that every day, every morning. Going out for a run in a very public area. And to think that she didn’t return from that run is just something that none of us can get our heads around. And I can only imagine what her family are going through. So yes, it’s touched everyone. We’re all mothers. You know, we’ve all got children and daughters similar ages to Ashley. So we just want to do something just to convey our condolences to the family.”


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