Carey: Sale of Cork City FC is a new era for the club

Cork City chairman Declan Carey says the sale of the club is the beginning of a new era.

FORAS members voted overwhelmingly to sell the club to businessman Dermot Usher at a special general meeting yesterday, with 86% of votes cast in favour of the takeover.

Speaking after yesterday’s vote on the Big Red Bench, Carey says it’s a huge moment in the history of the club.

“Its what I feel is a monumental occasion for Cork City FC, and not just Cork City FC but Cork football in general and Cork sport.

“Dermot Usher is the next custodian now of the club and it’s exciting times I’m sure for Cork City supporters.

“It was the absolute privilege of my life to be the chairman of Cork City FC, but I’m more than happy now to hand over the reins to Mr Usher and wish him all the best in what will be a challenging period in the short term.

“With the ideas he has I’m sure the club will flourish in the medium to long term, so best of luck to Dermot.”

Dermot Usher will now begin the process of becoming the owner of the club, something that Carey says will take a number of weeks.

“We’re going through the relevant legal process, and also have to all this signed by our governing body the FAI.

“There’s a bit of legals to work through, but we already have a lot of that groundwork done in advance, in the event of the vote passing today, we obviously had to prepare for whatever outcome the vote would have, and we made sure that Colin Healy is ready to put a very competitive squad together for the new season, that was always on the back of our minds.

“We’ve done a lot of the work already. FORAS, the previous custodians of the club, will still remain and go back to its original intentions. The current board will remain in place until the next AGM in the summer. There will be a couple of board changes and standard elections that will take place, but we’ll be handing over duties from an operational capacity in terms of  what we do for Cork City FC over the coming weeks and months.”


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