Cargo ship carrying agricultural goods for Ireland finally set sail from Ukraine yesterday

A cargo ship carrying agricultural goods for Ireland five months ago, finally set sail from Ukraine yesterday.

The ship was allowed traverse the Black Sea after the UN and Turkey brokered an agreement to facilitate the export of grain.

In 2022, over 1 hundred and 16 thousand tonnes of maize was imported into Ireland from Ukraine up to the 9th of March – this ship, which is due to reach our shores in two weeks, will be the first to bring agricultural goods since then.

Commercial Director of R&H Hall, John Bergin, says it’s been a long time coming:

“The ship, The Navistar, which now is tastefully sailing tours completed loading on the 24th of February today of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine. And ironically, we thought the ship might sail from the port of Odessa to ourselves that night, but over the following couple of nights and that weekend, it became obvious that wasn’t going to happen. Little did we think it would take five months to happen, but we reacted and we tried to source corn from other origins around the world.”


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