Cases to surge in coming days – CMO

The number of positive Covid-19 tests is set to surge in the next few days, according the the Chief Medical Officer. r.

744 more cases were confirmed yesterday, 131 of which were in Cork, but Dr Tony Holohan says there are “higher levels of the disease circulating”.

The number of people admitted to Covid-19 wards in hospital is up over 70% in the last two weeks after 50 more people were admitted up to yesterday morning.

Infectious diseases specialist Professor Sam McConkey says if someone you live with has contracted the virus, the last thing to do is start an argument about it.

“It would be wonderful if we could change the past with a bit of good yelling and a bit of blaming – unfortunately the past does not change with a lot of yelling, so it’s pragmatically not at all helpful to start that.

“Because everyone then is not only sick and worried, but they’re sick, worried, isolated and alone – and that’s a worse situation than just being sick and worried.”


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