CCPC Warn Consumers Of Dangers Of Unsafe Halloween Costumes Following Safety Inspections

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) are warning consumers of unsafe Halloween costumes for children. The warning comes as CCPC inspections found significant issues with Halloween costumes on the Irish market that could result in serious injury.

Issues found during the inspections included Halloween costumes with loose cords which could pose a choking threat to young children and costumes with no CE mark.

Grainne Griffin, CCPC Director of Communications, said: “The CCPC’s message to parents this Halloween is to avoid buying costumes that do not have a visible CE mark as they could be unsafe and pose a danger to children.  Parents of younger children should also check for any loose parts and ensure that costumes for children under 7 don’t have any cords around the neck area.

Halloween costumes with no CE mark should not be sold in Ireland or the European Union as there are no guarantees that the costumes were tested and met the required safety standards.  If you have purchased a Halloween costume that does not have a CE mark or raises other product safety concerns, you should return it to the business and report it to the CCPC.”

The CCPC advise consumers to be aware of the following safety checks when purchasing a Halloween costume:

  • CE MARK: If there is no CE mark, don’t buy it. The CE mark should be on the costume itself or the packaging and should be also be included on face paint
  • OBVIOUS DANGERS: Look out for costumes with loose cords around the head, neck or chest area which may cause a choking hazard to young children
  • HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: If making your own costumes do not use any flammable materials, such as glue, plastic, or cotton wool

Consumers who have safety concerns about a Halloween costume they’ve already bought should stop using the product immediately, contact the CCPC’s consumer helpline on 01 402 5555 to report the issue and contact the manufacturer or business with details of any faults or issues.

For further advice on how to keep safe this Halloween visit CCPC Halloween Safety Tips.


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