Childcare providers stage protest outside City Hall

Childcare providers in staging a protest outside City Hall this afternoon to highlight the lack of government supports for their sector.

The Federation of Early Childhood Providers say 500 of their members across the country will close their childcare services today as a result of the protest.

The federation say that thousands of parents are without childcare due to today’s protest.

The group say many of their members are only just able to pay themselves a wage when outgoings such as staffing and energy costs are covered.

A survey by members of the federation shows that around 260 providers expect to close completely in the coming year.

Providers say funding for the sector has not been improved in almost ten years and say they will be forced to close their businesses if the situation does not improve.

The group says Ireland spends just 0.3% of GDP on the childcare sector, despite recommendations from UNICEF that governments spend 1%.

They are also warning that Early Childhood Care and Education providers are facing a massive administrative burden which they say is taking providers out of the classroom.



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