Childline are looking for volunteers to answer calls in Cork

Childline are looking for volunteers to answer calls in Cork.

The organisation say the pandemic led some of their regular volunteers to relocate and they have been struggling to find replacements.

People interested in helping the charity would be asked to take calls or messages from children who need assistance or advice, and volunteers would do a four hour shift each week after completing online training lasting 12 weeks.

Speaking to RedFM News, Service Manager of the ISPCC in Cork says, Childline is a service that can help children in need:

“It’s a great source of support, advice, information. Our phone number is there, our text line is there, we have this Ask Alex service as well where young people can put in a question and get an answer and they can go in and see all the other questions that have been asked and answered and maybe the thing that they’re struggling with or having a difficulty with, may be there so there’s lots of support and advice on on the website. So I would really encourage any young person who wants to find out more or doesn’t know where to go, to go to our site.”


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