Children in West Cork traveling up to 200km a day to access special schools in the city

The parents of children with special educational needs in West Cork say some children in the region are being forced to travel up to 200 kilometres a day to get to and from special schools in the city.

The group “West Cork Special School” are calling for other parents to join their campaign for a new special primary and secondary school for the region .

Children with special needs are currently being taught in dedicated units in mainstream schools, however the group say the arrangement is not suitable for all children.

Emma Howlin’s 9 year old daughter Tessa is travelling from Clonakilty to the city for school.

Emma told RedFM News that even younger children are facing having to make the journey soon:

“A lovely little boy is going to travel next year to Tessa’s school, and he is currently five. So that’s, you know, that’s just really, really bad. It’s a bus that that picks up the children and for instance, one child has being collected in Ballydehob which is another hour from here. Then the bus comes this way and it stops in Clonakilty and picks up two children here, and then it goes on to Bandon and picks up child there and then it goes on, and I’m sure there’s other buses going other directions around West Cork, but that girl who travels from Ballydehob- that’s a two hour journey for her every day, twice.”



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