Children who wear glasses may be able to get an exemption from wearing a mask in school

From today, students in third class and above must wear a mask, unless medically exempt.The Education Minister says if a childs glasses are fogging up and disrupting their learning, they may be able to get a cert from their GP to exclude them from the new rule.Minister Norma Foley says the measure is designed to protect the school community:

“This is an additional measure. It is the expert medical view of public health and NPHET here that it will be an addition and addition protection for children and that’s the important thing here. This is regarded as a protection for children individually and collectively and the school community.”

  1. Helen ODonovan   On   2nd December 2021 at 10:05 am

    I called our medical center to get a medical exemption for my asthmatic child. They won’t do it.. told me to contact the dept of education.
    Parents and teachers need to stand up and protest now. Children are frozen in the schools and they want them to breathe carbon dioxide all day now.

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