City Council Advising Public High Spring Tide May Lead To Localised Flooding

The City Council is advising the public that there will be a high Spring tide this evening, and tomorrow morning and evening.

As a result, there will be a minor flood risk for today and tomorrow.

They say it is likely that some roads and parking areas, along low-lying quays in the city centre, may suffer localised flooding during those times.

Morrison’s Quay, Fr Matthew Quay, Trinity Bridge, Union Quay, Sharman Crawford Street, Wandesford Quay, Frenche’s Quay, Proby’s Quay, Crosses Green, Lavitt’s Quay, Kyrl’s Quay are at highest risk, with flooding potentially reaching South Terrace, Rutland Street, Sawmill Street and South Mall.

Motorists are advised to exercise caution.

City Council is continuing to monitor the situation.


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