Clár Sa Charr


Listen to Clár sa Charr on Red Breakfast every Wednesday morning – it will give you the chance to use and improve your ‘cúpla focail’.

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Episode 1

This week Laura and Polly were talking about Cartoon Characters


To help here’s some key words and phrases:

Táim réidh don bhóthar anoisI’m ready to go now

Chun na firinne a ráTo tell you the truth 

Is cuimhin liom cuid de na carachtairI remember a few of the characters 

Lán le fuinneamh agus beochtFull of life


Daoine scanrúilScary people or baddies 

Ligeann siad orthu – They pretend  

Daoine gléasta suas People dressed up

Tá sé nach mór dearmadta agamI’ve almost forgotten it 

Más buan mo chuimhneIf I remember correctly 

Na príomhcharachtairThe main characters  

Tá sé an-greannmharHe’s very funny 

Ag caitheamh geasa draíochtaCasting magic spells 

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Episode 2

Today we are talking about St. Brigid’s Day!


To help here are some key words and phrases:

Crosanna BhrídeBrigid’s crosses


Ag fíodóireacht croiseWeaving a cross

Deireadh seachtaine fadaA long weekend

Lá saoire baincA bank holiday

Cóisir thar oícheA slumber party / a sleepover

An linn snamhaThe swimming pool

An t-ionad babhálaThe bowling alley

CeathrarFour people

Tolg mórA big couch

Feictear domsaIt seems to me


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