Clonakilty’s new mural marks Civil War ahead of Michael Collins Festival

The Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Danny Collins visited Clonakilty this week to visit the towns latest mural ahead of the Michael Collins Centenary Commemoration Festival.

The commemoration will mark 100 years since the revolutionary figure was killed in an ambush at Beál na Bláth and will also celebrate his life and achievements.

The new Civil War Mural, by Cork artist Garreth Joyce commemorates the beginning of the Irish Civil War, and tells the story of the Austin Clarke poem “The Lost Heifer”.

Mayor Collins said:

“The bright and colourful mural looks beautiful and blends with the surrounding foliage in Croppy Park. But it has a deeper meaning that illustrates the damage of the Civil War. It tells the story of the heifer, an old symbol of Ireland and Irish culture, lost in the dark mists of the countryside before coming to the fore in more optimistic times in the post War of Independence period. The heifer then disappears into the dark rain of the incoming Civil War again. It’s the second artwork in Clonakilty telling the story of the Irish revolutionary years. The Truce Mural on Kent Street commemorates the end of the Irish War of Independence and depicts Michael Collins and other local revolutionary heroes.”


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