Close On 1200 PSNI Staff Members Now Referred To Emergency Threat Assessment Group

Close on 1200 PSNI staff members have now been referred to an emergency threat assessment group.

The group was set up this week to provide security advice following two data breaches.

These data breaches continues to be a major embarrassment for the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

The emergency assessment group is providing immediate support to people with specific circumstances which may place them or their families at risk or at an increased threat of harm.

The development comes after the Chief Constable of the PSNI met representatives from all staff associations, including the Catholic Guild, which represents a significant number of Catholic members of the PSNI..

A statement from the PSNI said that Chief Constable Simon Byrne listened to the issues or concerns and reiterated his priority to the welfare and safety of all officers and staff.

“He also reassured the Guild that he was committed to supporting everyone affected by the recent data breach.

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