CMO – Reintroduction of restrictions cannot be ruled out

Ireland’s high incidence rates of Covid-19 means the reintroduction of restrictions cannot be ruled out.

That’s according to the Chief Medical Officer, who’ll tell TD’s and Senators our high vaccination rate alone is unlikely to suppress the disease.

He’ll tell an Oireachtas Committee the trajectory of the virus is uncertain and we’ll remain dependent on rapid self-isolation, mask wearing and robust testing this autumn and winter.

Chair of the Irish Medical Organisation’s GP sub-committee, Dr. Denis McCauley, says it’s important to keep the CMO’s comment on restrictions in perspective.

“We just have to be cautious and practical.

“I think going forward we have to get the benefits of the good work that we have done, but I think it isn’t just a one trick pony – there are other aspects to it.

“But as ponies go, the high incidence rate is a very significant factor.”


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