CMO urges people to work from home

The strain on our hospitals is the worst in the history of the state, and there’s still a “huge amount of disease in the country”.

That’s the message from the Chief Medical Officer, who’s urged people to think twice about going to the office to work today.

The number of infections has been falling — but that many would have set an all-time record before Christmas.

Dr Mary Favier from the National Association of General Practitioners says if bosses are ignoring the public health advice, workers should ask their trade union to intervene.

“There are very few employments where people work creatively from home.

“That’s a really important principle. We did back in March in the earlier days, we know the difference now in terms of mobility data – people are moving around a lot more.

“That’s because they’re being expected to go into work, and we have to stop that.

“It’s a cooption effort between employers and employees but it needs to be done.”

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