Coalition Of Climate Campaigners Say People Need To Realise That Ireland Is Not Safe From Climate Change

The group are holding a protest in the city centre today to call on people and government to ‘wake up’ to the dangers of rising sea levels and more extreme weather events.

The protest comes in the wake of a UN report which warned the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere must be reduced drastically to limit the effects of climate change.

Speaking to RedFM News, Zac Lumley from Extinction Rebellion says not everyone is fully aware of what climate change will mean for Ireland:

“I suppose people are worried but they don’t necessarily connect that level of climate disruption with Ireland. But this climate rally is about showing that plenty of Irish climate activists know that Ireland is not safe from climate breakdown, and we know that we need to do something about it. Not just to protect ourselves but to protect people that are currently the most affected by climate breakdown.”


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