Commercial rates are to increase by 3.5% in County Cork

It comes as the County Council unveil a record €403 million budget.

Cork County Council’s 2023 budget is an increase of €31 million compared to this year.

The Council says they have committed to additional funding for housing maintenance, street cleaning, library services and parks and open spaces.

Budget 2023 also contains ring fenced funds for towns and villages to support activities such as development, enhancement and festivals.

The Council says it can no longer afford to maintain the current commercial rates due to rising inflation and have increased it by 3.5 per cent for next year.

Council management say the increase has been carefully considered so that it will have a limited effect on the majority of business, with over 70% paying an annual bill of €3,000 or less.

Meanwhile over €1.27 billion is set to be invested in the County between next year and 2025 through the Council’s Capital Programme.

Housing will account for 45% of the spend and will include 17 turnkey housing schemes, 30 housing construction schemes, 9 affordable housing schemes and a cost rental construction scheme.

Over €484 million of the fund will support climate action with improvements to public lighting, active travel and connectivity and energy efficiency measures for swimming pools, building retrofits and sustainable transport measures.

The Council is also proposing to spend €454 million on the County’s over 12,000 kilometre road network. The figure includes the delivery of National Roads Projects with Transport Infrastructure Ireland, upgrades and improvements on regional and local roads as well as car park supply and improvement.





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