Concern Being Raised That Primary School Children With Dyslexia Having Vital Technology Removed During Exams

Concern is being raised that primary school children with dyslexia are having vital technology removed, during exams.

Reading pens and iPads are gamechangers for students with dyslexia – but some schools ban them being used when it comes to tests.

Each year, thousands of children sat the Drumcondra standardised tests in primary schools.

The Drumcondra primary tests scoring system is designed to support schools and teachers in interpreting pupil performance on three tests published by the Educational Research Centre.

The three tests are: Drumcondra Primary Reading Test (DPRT), Drumcondra Primary Mathematics Test (DPMT) and Triail Ghaeilge Dhroim Conrach (TGD).

West Cork Senator Tim Lombard says it’s like taking glasses away from a child who is visually impaired:

“Its an issue with the Drumcondras, which is basically the test that’s done by the Department in second, fourth and sixth class in primary school. We have children, who have technology to help them through their actual day-to-day running of school life. For these exams, even though children are using them on a day-to-day basis, the actual technology is being taken away”.


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