Concern expressed about heroin dealers shooting up near city centre school

Queues have been forming near Cork Life Centre on Sundays Well as drug dealers take advantage of the lanes in the area to sell heroin.

Cork Life Centre caters for children aged between 12 and 18, and the centre’s staff have asked people using heroin to move on.

They’ve also had to clear discarded syringes to ensure the safety of their pupils.

Gardai have increased patrols in the area and the problem is diminishing as a result.

Speaking to RedFM News Rachel Lucey from Cork Life Centre says while it’s sad to see people using in broad daylight they have had to prioritise their pupils:

“Often I suppose there’s a perception that, you know, young people who attend the kind of old school service, you know are very streetwise and, you know, used to navigating situations that, that that’s not necessarily the case so there was times, where as I said there would be a lot of activity going on, particularly last May it isn’t so much know since we’ve come back where it might have walked down the lane were our students often get collected, just to keep an eye because it can just be quite daunting for kids to look at and they don’t know what to make of us.”


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