Concern over the future of SouthDoc in Fermoy

Fermoy cannot lose it’s Southdoc.

That’s according to the Deputy Mayor of Cork County Council who says there is concern over the future of Southdoc medical cover in the North Cork town.

Fears have been raised that the SouthDoc service in Fermoy could be moved to either Midleton or Glanmire and many local concillors in the area say that sick people cannot be expected to travel when they are unwell.

Speaking to RedFM news, Deputy Mayor of Cork County Council, Deirdre O’Brien says it is critically important that the service remains in Fermoy:

“So really it’s the shortage of doctors, so they need to make it attractive. I suppose my issue here is, the HSE can’t just walk away from this. They have to make it attractive for doctors either look at their salary, their pay conditions, like it’s all about, you know, people’s way of life at the moment. And we have to make it attractive because there’s a service that’s essential to the area. It is critical. You know, it’s like we can’t risk because people’s lives, people could lose lives. here. If you don’t adopt a service.”


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