Construction Industry Federation say houses built in Cork must be affordable

The Construction Industry Federation say the houses built in Cork must be affordable.

At the CIF summit in Rochestown yesterday the group said that building new homes to match Cork’s growing population was their top priority.

Over 580 thousand people live in Cork and the county has one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

Speaking to RedFM News, Conor O’Connell from CIF says there’s no point building new homes if people can’t afford them:

“We faced extreme price volatility with our input costs over the last number of years. It is difficult to see anything other than, there has to be price stability. That can’t we cannot continue to add on to the costs of constructing houses, because there’s only so much people can afford and if we don’t construct affordable homes, then we’ll have nobody purchasing our homes. So it’s a real real issue for us to ensure price stability going forward.”


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