Consumer Journalist: Switching Banks Is Not Nearly As Daunting As People May Think

A Consumer Journalist says switching banks is not nearly as daunting as people may think.

Siobhán Maguire has echoed a call from Ulster Bank, which is leaving the Irish market next year, not to leave the change-over to the last minute.

That means hundreds of thousands of customers will have to find a new provider, with KBC Bank also due to depart shortly.

Siobhan Maguire says there’s a Code of Conduct for banks to make the switch a smooth process, but there will be some admin work to do:

“Now where there’s a little bit of complication is the likes of, say, if you have a Netflix account or your phone account, you’re going to have to manually go into all the services yourself and then put in the new bank account number but it really isn’t as arduous as you might think.”


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