Contingency plans set out for no deal Brexit

The European Commission president has set out contingency plans for if there’s no post-Brexit trade deal.

Ursula von der Leyen says there’s “significant uncertainty” about whether an agreement will be in place on January the 1st.

She’s laid out four policies to ensure aviation safety, air and road travel, and access to fishing waters.

She met the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, last night, but both sides warned “very large gaps” remain.

Sunday is the new deadline, and DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson says a no-deal would bad for the island of Ireland.

“There is the prospect of a no deal outcome, and I don’t think that’s in the interests of Northern Ireland, anymore than it’s in the interests of the Republic of Ireland.

“We all need to hope in these final days that there is a free trade agreement reached, because that will makee a big impact in terms of how the Northern Ireland protocol operates, and it will make a big impact on continuing trade between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom as well.”


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