Cork Addiction Counsellor: Honest, Open Conversation With Young People Around Substance Abuse Is Best Approach

Honest, open conversation with young people around substance abuse is the best approach

That’s according to Nicole Ryan, a Cork addiction counsellor who has been involved in raising awareness of drug use in schools after losing her brother Alex to the synthetic drug N-Bomb at a house party in the city in January 2016.

She was speaking out this week as concern was expressed about the growing number of young people misusing steroids.

Nicole Ryan says it’s vitally important that people understand that steroids can pose the same risks as drugs if abused causing damage to their veins and their bodies and leading to health complications such as skin infections, mood changes and bruised muscles.

Speaking to RedFM News, Nicole says treating a young person struggling with drug misuse with respect and as an adult can make all the difference:

“So it makes a difference when you, when you’re being honest with them, and you’re being real with them, and when you treat them as adults. You know, when we talk, we talk like as if we’re on the same level. You know, I’m not higher than you. Just because I’m older doesn’t make me any different, and they really appreciate that. I think it makes a huge difference, and the personal story makes the biggest difference of all, because I’m not just somebody telling you things that I know, I’ve actually experienced some of the negative side effects and some of the negative outcomes of what can happen.”


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