Cork Airport expect passengers numbers to be less than half of last years figure

Around 500,000 people used the airport last year- 400,000 of those were before the pandemic, however only around 200,000 passengers are expected to pass through the terminal this year.

Passenger numbers have doubled to around 1,200 a day since last week although that figure is significantly less than the 10,000 the airport would host on a typical week day before the pandemic.

Speaking to RedFM News, Kevin Cullinane from Cork Airport outlines the expected passenger growth for 2022:

“So it’s gonna take two or three years to build that back up, and obviously a lot depends now on the accelerated rollout of the vaccine, and how confident people are to travel internationally again so we’re planning and forecasting at this stage group we’ll be up with about 1.5 million passengers next year which is about half where we would have been had we not experienced a global pandemic in our industry.”


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