Cork Airport Optimistic Today’s funding announcement by Government will build back airlines and routes

Covid 19 had a catastrophic impact on Cork Airport’s business but today’s funding announcement by the Government will help build back the airlines and routes operating out of Cork.

That’s according to Cork Airport’s Kevin Cullinane who says last year the Airport lost 284 million euro as passengers numbers dropped by 80% on 2019 figures
The airport had been flying high in 2019 with 2.6 million passengers and it served 57 scheduled routes with 9 airlines

Today €1.4 million has been announced for Cork under Covid-19 funding which will help build back the airlines and routes operating out of the airport

From Monday the Airport will be serving 20 routes at a reduced capacity but management say they are working to build on those numbers into the future

Speaking to RedFM News Cork Airport’s Kevin Cullinane says the funding has been allocated on a pro-rata basis with reference to passenger numbers in 2019:

Our company alone had a loss of €284 million last year so it was the biggest loss in the company’s eight year history. Passenger numbers, as people have seen, declined significantly and they’re still well down on where we would have been in 2019. But all of this is helping build back the network of airlines and routes that we want to see back in Cork. In the last number of days, people will have seen the restoration of even further routes, with now six airlines operating over 20 routes this summer, so all of these are positive steps in building back that recovery.”




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