Cork Airport revises projected passenger figures

Cork Airport have revised their projected passenger figures for this year following strong demand for flights.

Management say they now expect 2.1 million passengers will pass through the terminal this year- an increase of 300,000 passengers on previous estimations.

Passengers from as far away as Galway, Mayo and Offaly are booking flights from the airport as Dublin Airport continues to deal with long queues, cancelled flights and a build up of unclaimed luggage.

Over 53,000 passengers passed through the terminal in Cork over the bank holiday weekend, just 12 per cent less than the same weekend in 2019 when 60,000 people flew to and from the airport.

Speaking to RedFM News, communications manager at the airport Barry Holland says their good reputation is attracting passengers that may have never flown from Cork.

“The passengers that we’ve been noticing coming from what we would call outside their traditional catchment area, for context our traditional catchment area would be the counties of Munster extending into Kilkenny and Carlow.

“The passengers that are arriving from outside such as the ones you referenced from Galway from Mayo, Laois, Offaly etc are coming to Cork Airport because now they’re aware of the extensive number of routes that are available from Cork Airport, but also the award winning customer service experience that passengers can have Cork Airport.”


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