Cork among counties with higher number of workplace fatalities

Cork is among the counties that has the highest number of workplace fatalities and injuries.

That’s according to the CEO of the Health and Safety Authority, Dr. Sharon McGuinness.

Today is International Worker’s Memorial Day, which remembers those who have been killed or seriously injured in work-related incidents.

In Ireland, 481 people were killed in work-related incidents over a ten-year period to 2021, seventy-seven of those were in Cork.

Speaking to RedFM News, Dr. Sharon McGuinness says that the deaths in Cork are across all different sectors.

“If you look at over a 10 year period, there was 77 fatalities over that period in Cork.

“It’s generally one of the highest counties, and that’s significant, and they’re across all different sectors.

“It’s something that we would ask everybody to be aware of.

“We want to get people to work, working safely, working healthily, and getting them back home to their loved ones and families and friends at the end of the day.”


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