Cork Camogie’s Laura Treacy – We’re willing to strike over dual player saga

Cork Camogie’s Laura Treacy says they’re willing to strike over the dual player fixture clash saga.

Cork are due to face Galway in the All Ireland Camogie Championship on November 7th, the same day the footballers are due to face Kerry.

Galway have offered to play on November 8th to avoid a clash, however there are two other potential clashes down the line.

5 Cork dual players, Libby Coppinger, Hannah Looney, Fiona Keating, Meabh Cahalane and Ciara McCarthy, are affected by the clashes.

And speaking to RedFM Sport, Treacy says it’s not acceptable for the players to be forced to choose one code over the other.

“It’s not acceptable that these five girls have the possibility of three fixture clashes ahead, one of them being our Galway game, the second one being a quarter final if we end up qualifying, then the Cork ladies footballers are down to face Cavan that day as well.

“And then if both teams are successful in overcoming a quarter final, then both semi finals are both set for the same Saturday at the end of November.

“It’s so unfair on the girls to even ask them to decide between who they’re going to play for, are they going to play for the Cork footballers or play for Cork Camogie. This shouldn’t be a thing.

“It’s 2020. Everybody is always tweeting and commenting with #20×20 and can’t see and can’t be. But that campaign is all about affecting change, and a cultural shift, and it’s time that this is nailed on the head – this can’t continue for another year.

“We’re not talking about this being a new thing over the last few years, we’re talking 10, 12 years of continuous clashes throughout the years, and it’s really disappointing for the girls this year that they have to face this and that this could be a possibility down the line.

“I know from talking to the five girls that are involved, if nothing is resolved the only fair thing that they feel that they can do is sit out of both – and then both teams are losing out at the same time, when one team could be playing on the Saturday and one team could be playing on the Sunday.

“I know between Paudie Murray [Cork boss] and Cathal Murray the Galway manager, they’ve come to an agreement that Galway Camogie are happy to play on the Sunday so that would avoid that clash that weekend. But there’s still two huge vital games that have a possibility of clashing.

“I don’t know is it a thing where Cork Camogie and Cork LGFA are going to have to step back and say “we’ll as a whole we’re not going to play’ and just take a stand on it, but it shouldn’t have to lead to that then either. So I’m hoping some sort of resolution will come before the end of the week, because things like that can’t be leading into games.

“It’s so unfair on them, all they want to do is play. And it’s down to a little bit of communication at the top level, just talking to each other, and just switching days, from a Saturday to a Sunday.

“I’m totally aware that there is a short timeline there at the moment, but it’s time that the associations started talking to each other and come to some sort of arrangement where camogie is on a Saturday and football is on a Sunday or vice versa.

“They only want to be playing the sport, so it’s only fair on them.”

When asked by RedFM Sport’s Valerie Wheeler if a strike was on the cards, Treacy says it’s something that they would would do.

“That is possibly something we will have to discuss.

“I know on behalf of the Cork senior camogie team that is probably something we wouldn’t have a problem in doing.

“If it is the case that is the only way that something is going to change it would be very disappointing obviously if it had to lead to that.

“But if that’s the way we’re going to have to go about these kind of things for a change to actually occur, then we’ll just have to go with it, and an all out strike would be on the cards if that’s the case.”

You can listen to Valerie’s conversation with Laura Treacy below.

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